In the end, tennis is just a game!



Playing tennis is not just a technical challenge but a tactical one as well. The tactics of the game dictate the technique of the game. In other words, one needs to know what to do before being taught how to do it. Cognitive skills become equal in priority to motor skills.

Unfortunately, the "traditional" approach to training often fails to equip players to use newly acquired skills in game play. The acknowledged reason for this failure is that traditional training often isolates skill development from game play. The movements (motor) aspects of skills are taught without the cognitive aspects. The player knows how to move without knowing when to move and why. The end result is that the player performs the skill successfully in the controlled training situation, but the skill falls apart during live game play.

We in the Procoach make structures which develop and lead to match based situations and as final result we create a player who controls his game on tournaments. Players are taught how to make tactical decisions and learn technical skills as solutions to solve problems on court. Technical skills are learned in the context of playing.

However, this doesn't mean that lessons involve students just playing tennis points. We need to set up technical fundaments where we allow margins. If we look at top 100 ranked players not two of them have same technique. Model based learning is contradictory to our philosophy, because tennis is open skills sport, and the most of the coaches don’t get it.

Mental training is part of our program. In Serbia this part is neglected. At Procoach players get familiar with these secrets. For example coaches are teaching players to bounce the ball before the serve because of contrentration but this is just one of six  thougths to have before serving.

Tennis was revolutionised with implicit learning philosophy. ITF, Canadian Tennis Federation, USPTR are already relying on this way of thinking and Procoach is as well for the past couple of years, this helps players faster and they are amazed when there is a difference in their game after only 5 minutes.

Each player gets his own daily schedule. After every training session they get it printed.

It is high time to have 21st century in our country and make our players even better.




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